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All the President’s Men: Revisited

The journalists. The actors. The secrets behind the story.

For the first time the actors, journalists and politicians
reveal the secrets of the scandal that destroyed a President, redefined journalism and changed America.

Narrated by
Robert Redford
Peter Schnall
Executive Producers
Robert Redford
Andrew Lack
Laura Michalchyshyn
E. Donna Shepherd
Mark Fason
Jeff Seelbch
Associate Producer
Dawn Schwartz
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Chana Ghazit
Patrick Prentice
Nathan Halpern
Peter Schnall
Sound Recordist
Andrew Baker
Dawn Schwartz
Leah McWilliams
Production Manager
James Burke
Associate Editors
Kara Wayman
George Panos
Cloudesign, Inc.
Online Editor
Björn Bellenbaum
Sound Design & Mix
Brian Beatrice
Cloudesign, Inc.
For Discovery Channel
Executive Producers
Nancy Daniels
Denise Contis
Associate Producers
Zander Kanefield
Richard Girson
The Washington Post, April 18 2013
"Redford and his crew, including director Peter Schnall, stylishly manage what countless think tank and j-school panel discussions struggle to do — cut through the recollections of the major players (Woodward, Bernstein, their boss Ben Bradlee, Nixon White House counsel John Dean, etc.) and utilize their well-trod anecdotes and war stories in a way that seems new."
Variety, April 17 2013
"a special well worth visiting — and revisiting."