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America’s Doomsday Plan

The ultimate protocols to prep for the worst day ever

On Doomsday, what will the U.S. do to safeguard the President, the military and government officials?

America’s Doomsday Plan takes you behind the scenes to uncover the classified plans and incredible facilities standing by, 24/7, to preserve the homeland through the most dreaded disasters imaginable.

Producer & Director
Jonathan Grupper
Executive Producer
Don Campbell
Peter Schnall
Jennifer Beman White
Erika Sutter
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Ben McCoy
Sound Recordist
Tom Levy
Associate Editor
George Panos
Kara Wayman
Associate Producer
Tristan Walker
Production Assistants
Matthew Flassig
Additional Camera
Anders Birch
Larry Engel
Dave Goulding
Erin Harvey
Jerry Risius
Peter Schnall
Tristan Walker
Marc Ambinder
Cary McPartlin
National Center for Disaster Prep Awareness, Columbia University
Sound Design & Mix
Brian Beatrice
Color Correction and Online Editor
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Jay O Sanders
Special Thanks
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security for it's cooperations and assistance
New York City Office of Emergency management
Ray Derby
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Department of Defense
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John Cavanagh
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Eileen O'Neill