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Secret Service Files: Protecting the President

The stories you never knew…

Go on the ground with agents – the Secret Service Protective Detail and FBI response teams – as they recount personal stories of protecting the President of the United States during their most high-risk events.

The film takes an in-depth look at five of the closest calls in modern times and highlights the 24/7 challenges of safeguarding the world’s most powerful man. The documentary takes viewers inside key presidential protection events over the last 31 years that shaped today’s international protective strategy, including accounts from Washington DC, Panama, Morocco, Pakistan, and Tbilisi, Georgia. Agents from the Secret Service and FBI who’ve served overseas reexamine and revisit international locations — Rabat, Morocco and Tbilisi, Georgia — where timely action by law enforcement agents prevented the escalation of an international incident. Partisan Pictures crafts an exciting inside look at how the Secret Service protects and moves POTUS safely and securely overseas, revealing new perspectives and stories that have never before been fully addressed in public.

Aaron Matthews
Executive Producer
Don Campbell
Peter Schnall
Brett Young
Dave Goulding
Brett Wiley
Wayne De La Roche
Jerry Risius
Alan Thatcher
Sound Recordists
Jose Araujo
Andrew Baker
Pat Tillman
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson

Associate Producer
Kyle Giddens
Production Manager
James Burke
Production Assistants
Mamuka Alavidze
Tamar Kandelaki
Sarah M. Baker
Aaron Kennison
Kamau Agyeman
Anders Birch
Sarah Trachtenberg
Hoai-Houng Tran
Assistant Editors
Kara Wayman
George Panos
Sound Design & Mix
Brian Beatrice
Online Editor & Colorist
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Stock Researcher
Matt Flassig
Graphic Designer
Max Williamson
Anita Husen
Lana Manjgaladze
Amina Ouchater
Marika Ramishvili
Miriam Vardzelashvili
Location Manager & Fixer
Fouad Challa
George Vardzelashvili
Brian Cooney