Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer

Peter Schnall

Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer

Peter Schnall is a seven-time EMMY Award and recent Peabody Award winner who has been making distinctive films and documentaries for more than twenty years.

After nearly ten years as an independent, Peter began a remarkable 6-year stint as Producer/Cinematographer and Senior Producer ­ of the long-running National Geographic Television weekly series Explorer.  

When the White House was looking for a filmmaker they could trust to tell the story of Air Force One, they turned to Peter, giving him unprecedented access not just to the plane and its crew, but to three presidents as well; when Oprah Winfrey wanted a trusted filmmaker to document her humanitarian sojourn to Southern Africa to draw attention to the plight of children with
AIDS, she turned to Peter; and when the U.S. Secret Service wanted its story told to the American public, they, too, turned to Peter Schnall and PARTISAN PICTURES.

Peter’s one-hour specials for National Geographic – ON BOARD AIR FORCE ONE, ON BOARD MARINE ONE & GEORGE W. BUSH: THE 9/11 INTERVIEW – became 3 of the highest-rated specials for the Channel.

Peter’s feature length documentaries for PBS and DISCOVERY were both nominated for a National EMMY as well as a News & Documentary EMMY.

In 2017 PARTISAN PICTURES celebrated its 20th year.

Director of Development / Executive Producer

Don Campbell

Director of Development / Executive Producer

Don Campbell has over two decades of production experience on projects ranging from interactive multi-media, and museum exhibits to traditional broadcasting, corporate promotion and political consulting.  Since joining Partisan in 1998 he has produced RUSSIA, LAND OF THE TSARS, QUEST FOR KING ARTHUR and IN SEARCH OF USS INDIANAPOLIS.  He also wrote the scripts for AIR FORCE ONE, IN SEARCH OF LIBERTY BELL 7, SCHIZOPHRENIA and FIRESTORM.

In the 1980’s Don worked extensively in political communication with the Sawyer/Miller Group, Ailes Communications and various individual campaigns.  He produced ads and campaign events for 17 statewide and 3 American Presidential campaigns. 1987-88 Don lived in Ecuador while serving as Executive Producer for the victorious campaign of President Rodrigo Borja.  In 1984, Campbell pioneered the use of home video in politics, producing a series of “video position-papers” for Senator Gary Hart’s presidential bid.