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The White House: Inside Story

Home, office, seat of power, national symbol … Explore the 200-year story of the People’s House, with an all-access pass to the executive mansion. ... more

Nature | PBS

Silence of the Bees

Imagine a city of millions silenced overnight. In early 2007, mass disappearances occurred across the United States as millions of honeybees suddenly vanished, leaving behind empty hives and stunned beekeepers... ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

On Board Air Force One

Go behind-the-scenes aboard Air Force One on a presidential trip across the Middle East, and hear first-hand what happened aboard the president's plane during the attacks of 9/11. ... more

Science | PBS

SEIZED: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy

SEIZED: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy tells powerful, intimate stories of patients, families and doctors fighting on the front lines for new treatments and new insights into this ancient disease. ... more

Adventure | Oprah Winfrey Show / ABC

Oprah Winfrey Show: Christmas Kindness

Oprah Winfrey journeys to South Africa to shed light on the overwhelming devastation AIDS has wrought on South Africa’s children – a generation often hungry, homeless, poor and uneducated. For one remarkable woman it is also an illuminating personal odyssey... ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

George Bush: The 9/11 Interview

Using a two day interview with President George W Bush, archival footage and exclusive photos directly from the President’s archive, Bush’s 9/11 brings unprecedented, inside access with the Commander in Chief as terrorists declared war on America on September 11, 2001. ... more

Action | National Geographic

CIA Confidential

An EMMY Award-winning two-hour special following CIA special ops teams as they infiltrate Afghanistan and Pakistan in the aftermath of 9/11. ... more

Action | National Geographic Channel

CIA Confidential 2011

The EMMY-winning series continues as the CIA goes deeper into the world of counter-terrorism, from Inside the Drone War to the hunt for the 9/11 Mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. ... more

Adventure | National Geographic Television / PBS

Diamonds of War

Journalist Dominic Cunningham-Reid travels from New York City to Sierra Leone to the diamond markets of Amsterdam to track down the dangerous and illegal trade in blood diamonds. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

Secret Service Files

Join the elite ranks of the Secret Service in this unprecedented four-hour series that follows agents on counterfeit raids in South America and Miami, and at the world's biggest gathering of world leaders during the U.N. General Assembly. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

CounterTerror NYC

The biggest city...the biggest events...the biggest target. See what it takes for the NYPD to lock down New York City on some of the year's biggest occasions, from the US Open to the U.N. General Assembly to Times Square on New Year's Eve. ... more

Inside Access | Discovery Channel

The Brotherhood of Sept. 11th

Experience the bravery of Rescue 3 company in the Bronx, NYC as they and the families of their fallen brothers piece together their lives in the wake of September 11th, 2001. ... more

Drama | PBS

This is a Game, Ladies

Experience a year of highs and lows with the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University, as their tough-talking coach, Vivian Stringer, uses the crucible of college basketball to turn girls into women. ... more

History | History Channel

The French Revolution

Get swept up in the fervor of one of the most pivotal - and bloodiest - events in western history..from Marie Antoinette to the guillotine to the man who would ultimately be consumed by his own revolution: Maximilien Robespierre. ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

The Madness of Henry VIII

Experience the affair that changed the course of England's history...when Henry VIII betrays the Pope and his beloved queen for the young courtier, Anne Boleyn, and begins a long slide into madness. From the series ICONS of POWER. ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

Napoleon’s Final Battle

They thought they had seen the last of him. They were wrong. Experience Napoleon's escape from exile and his last superhuman take on the powers of Europe and reclaim France as his own. From the series ICONS of POWER. ... more

Nature | PBS

Through a Dog’s Eyes

Join Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants, as she raises and trains service dogs, and experience the emotional and often nerve-wracking experience of matching people with dogs that will change their lives. ... more

Nature | PBS

The Loneliest Animals

What if you were the last of your species on Earth? Around the world, researchers are racing to breed, protect and preserve the last members of endangered species before we lose them forever. ... more

Nature | PBS

Cuba: The Accidental Eden

Cuba's political isolation has been a curse for its people, but a blessing for its wildlife. Now, with the U.S. poised to lift the 60 year-old economic embargo, Cuba's most important revolution could be not red...but green. ... more

Adventure | Discovery Channel

In Search of Liberty Bell 7

38 years after Gus Grissom's Mercury space capsule sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, In Search of Liberty Bell 7 weaves the story of America's quest to conquer space with Curt Newport's mission to recover the only manned spacecraft NASA ever lost. ... more

Adventure | Discovery Channel

In Search of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Survivors of the USS Indianapolis join explorers on an expedition to find the remains of their sunken ship. Along the way, the veterans recount the extraordinary story of how they survived the torpedo blasts and the sinking ship only to encounter a swarm of hungry sharks. ... more

Adventure | National Geographic Channel

Titanic Revealed

Join Dr. Bob Ballard as he returns to Titanic for the first time since he discovered it 20 years ago. Learn the story of its discovery, and how the lost liner is again threatened with disaster, as the wreck becomes a target for greedy treasure hunters. ... more

Inside Access | Discovery Channel

Speed, Style and Beauty:
The Ralph Lauren Car Collection

Get an insider's view of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren's spectacular collection of classic automobiles ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

Empress of Ambition

Follow the unlikely rise and the palace scandals of one of history's most powerful women...a German girl who made herself a Russian Empress...and launched a European renaissance that would forever change the face of Russia. From the series ICONS OF POWER. ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

Wrath of the Tsar

Trace the life of Russia's most titanic Tsar, the man who made it his mission to single-handedly pull Russia out of the dark ages...a life almost too big for the small screen. From the series ICONS OF POWER. ... more

History | History Channel

Russia, Land of the Tsars

Experience 1000 years of Russian history in this EMMY AWARD-winning four-hour miniseries. From Ivan the Terrible to Catherine the Great to the Romanovs and the rise of the Bolsheviks. ... more

History | History Channel

The Revolution

From the shot heard 'round the world to the Boston Tea Party and beyond, this 13-part series chronicles the tumultuous events that launched the American Revolution and turned a collection of colonies into the United States of America. ... more

Inside Access | PBS / National Geographic

Air Force One

For the first time, the White House allows a documentary film crew to journey with the President of the United States aboard the world’s most famous aircraft. Air Force One weaves the backstage story of the “flying White House” with the stirring history of the President's plane. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

On Board Marine One

Land on the White House lawn aboard the president's private helicopter and learn what it takes to train and pilot one of the most exclusive and secretive aircraft in the world. ... more

Inside Access | Discovery Channel

Secrets of the FBI

Mission: Safeguard the entire U.S. government during the President's State of the Union Address. ... more

Inside Access | History Channel

Secret Access: Air Force One

Experience what it takes to mount a presidential journey across Africa aboard what they call "the flying White House...from the advance teams on the ground to the elite crew of Air Force One. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

Inside the U.S. Secret Service

Join the selfless men and women who put their lives on the line, everyday, to keep the President they lock-down an extremely public arena for a high-profile visit from America's Commander-in-Chief. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

Attack on the Pentagon

Follow the story minute-by-minute as the headquarters of the United States military -- and one of the country's most iconic buildings -- comes under attack on September 11th, 2001. ... more

Nature | National Geographic WILD

Blue-Collar Dogs

A new series for National Geographic WILD. From sniffing out cancer to protecting our borders, fighting crime and rescuing victims of disaster, sometimes the best man for the a dog. ... more

Drama | Discovery Channel

NYPD: Life on the Streets

A gripping one-hour journey into the lives of patrol officers and detectives at the 9th Precinct in the East Village, New York City. ... more

Science | Discovery Channel

Schizophrenia: Stolen Minds, Stolen Lives

A shattering vision of the world of schizophrenia--through the lives and testimonies of people struggling to cope with this frighteningly complex and painfully misunderstood psychological disease. A co-production with French-based VM Productions. ... more

Science | Discovery Channel

Surviving Suicide: Those Left Behind

When someone commits suicide a legacy of pain and memory is left. What few realize is that family and friends - those left behind - are 10 times more likely to take their own lives, or that their healing may go on for decades. ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

The Kennedy Mystique: Creating Camelot

Explore the behind-the-scenes story of how today's politics of manipulated photo-ops was invented -- and perhaps perfected -- by the people who created the image of "Camelot" for the Presidency of John F Kennedy. ... more

Science | PBS


In this special presentation for NATURE, learn what forces forge the world's most precious stones and the many ways humans have devised to extract them. ... more

Adventure | National Geographic Channel

Return to Titanic LIVE

Follow legendary explorer Robert Ballard as he returns to the watery grave of the RMS Titanic for the first time since he discovered her 20 years earlier. ... more

History | PBS

Lost Liners

Join Dr. Bob Ballard on a tour of the greatest lost liners in maritime history: Titanic, Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, Britannic and the Andrea Doria. ... more

Adventure | National Geographic / PBS

The Battle for Midway

Undersea explorer Robert Ballard's search and discovery of the WWII wreck of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown brings to life the greatest naval battle of the 20th century. ... more

Science | National Geographic Channel

Sea Spies

The undersea world is an unseen battleground. Join Dr. Robert Ballard as he reveals how technology, commerce and conflict have shaped 150 years of endless struggle for supremacy of the seas -- not on the surface but at the very bottom of the ocean. ... more

Inside Access | National Geographic Channel

Inside Grand Central

Take an unprecedented tour of the inner workings of the United States' busiest passenger terminal...from secret underground passages to high-tech control rooms, and the incredible engineering of one of New York's most iconic buildings. ... more

History | History Channel

Quest for King Arthur

Few historical figures are shrouded in as much mystery as the legendary King Arthur. Researchers and scholars work to uncover the truth -- if any -- about this mythic warrior and his impact on the history of Great Britain. ... more

Inside Access | Discovery Channel

Crime Scene Cleanup: New Orleans

Meet the bio-recovery specialists, known as crime scene cleaners, who work in the soulful city of New Orleans. ... more

Inside Access | Discovery Channel

Crime Scene Cleanup

It's the job no one wants to think about...who cleans up after a murder or when bodies are found long after they've died? Meet the fearless crew that heads to the scene of the crime after the police have left. ... more

Drama | Discovery Times Channel

Rebuilding New Orleans

Residents of New Orleans struggle to come to terms with the devastation of hurricane Katrina. ... more

History | National Geographic Channel

Ghosts of the Baltic Sea

For those who believe the sinking of the Titanic was the greatest maritime disaster in history … think again. ... more

Action | Discovery Channel

Firestorm: A Smokejumper’s Story

Jump out of a plane over blazing California wildfires to experience life through the eyes of a smokejumper ... more

History | History Channel

Cults: Dangerous Devotion

From the bizarre prophecies of Charles Manson to the deadly paranoia of Jim Jones, Dangerous Devotion examines cult leaders who draw followers into bizarre, hidden worlds of obsession, paranoia and sometimes, death. ... more

Adventure | Travel Channel

Wide Open Spaces

We’ve all seen the postcards on the fridge... magnificent blue skies, impossible sun sets, images of freedom and escape. With dynamic aerial photography and stunning cinematic style, Wide Open Spaces journeys into the American West to experience real life, and the real story behind the postcards. ... more

Adventure | BBC / TLC

The Monitor’s Last Mission

U.S. Navy Commander Bobby Scholley and her trained divers take us 240 feet beneath the surface of the raise part of the USS Monitor and relive the legacy and death of the ironclad civil war ship. ... more

Drama | National Geographic Explorer

Manila Hostage Crisis

A vacation to paradise becomes a nightmare for a group of tourists from Hong Kong when a disgruntled Manila cop holds them hostage, and a growing media frenzy adds to the tragedy. ... more