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Shadow Ops

Sometimes the most powerful weapon isn’t a weapon.

Meet the real James Bonds: Real spies. Real missions. Ripped from the headlines of the golden age of espionage. From the first American woman to go undercover inside the Iron Curtain, to slick double-agents and death-defying escapes, Shadow Ops brings to life the deadly game of spy vs. spy that defined the Cold War.

Director / Series Producer
Doug Shultz
Aaron Matthews
Teresa Giordano
Doug Shultz
Brett Young
Jim Isler
Andrew Ford
William Kerr
George Dascalescu
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Story Development
Don Campbell
Associate Producer
Tristan Walker
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Assistant Editor
Matthew Flassig
Kara Wayman
Production Manager
James Burke
Location Services, Romania
Domino Film
Line Producer
Cristian Comeaga
Production Manager
Razvan Comeaga
Anthony Rhoads
Production Coordinator
Mihaela Bura Surmei
Art Director
Adrian Cristea
Prop Master
Gabriel Bucur
Wardrobe Master
Adina Bucur
1st Assistant Director
Lucian Cojocar
2nd Assistant Director
Laurentiu Dinca
Make-up Artist
Julia Roseanu
Casting Director
Marius Nicolae
Corneliu Ulici
Richard Balint
Relu Poalelungi
Whitney Johnson
Production and Set Assistant
Vlad Hangu
Location Services, France
Froggie Production
Location Services, Russia
Zamir Gotta
Additional Camera
Yuri Burak
Dave Goulding
William Kerr
Sam Montague
Jerry Risius
Emmanuel Thery
Tristan Walker
Mark Owen
Roman Platonov
Francois Devin
Soundmix & Design
Brian Beatrice
Color Correction and Online Editor
Björn Bellenbaum
Johnny Panzarella
Special Thanks
Catherine Cauvin-Higgins
International Spy Museum
Stock Vendors
AP Images
Critical Past
Associated Press
ITN Source / Reuters
Lolea Pond5.com
Discovery Access
Getty Images
For Military Channel
Executive Producer
Ron Simon
Associate Producer
Marissa Lucy
SVP of Production
Sara Kozak
President and General Manager
Henry Schleiff