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Executive Producer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer

With 18 EMMY nominations and 7-wins, PEABODY Award director, producer and cinematographer Peter Schnall recently completed RON CARTER: FINDING THE RIGHT NOTES, an independent feature documentary. Six years in the making.  The show aired nationally as a special on PBS in October of 2022.

After nearly ten years as an independent, Peter began a remarkable six-year stint as Producer/Cinematographer and Senior Producer of the National Geographic Television weekly series Explorer.  

In 2022 Peter’s company, PARTISAN PICTURES, celebrated its 25th year and has been listed as one of the top 100 GLOBAL INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION COMPANIES by Realscreen magazine.

When Oprah Winfrey wanted a trusted filmmaker to document her month-long humanitarian sojourn to South Africa to draw attention to the plight of children with AIDS and her work with Nelson Mandela, she turned to Peter; and when the U.S. Secret Service granted and allowed, for the first time, a documentary crew to imbed inside their top-secret organization, it was Peter Schnall and Partisan Pictures who were granted access.

Here’s a brief look at some of Peter’s past work:

  • Executive Producer & Director on OBAMA, a 5-hour series on the legacy of President Barack Obama for MSNBC
  • Director, Producer and DP on the two-hour PBS special, THE WHITE HOUSE: INSIDE STORY
  • Peter’s one-hour specials for National Geographic – ON BOARD AIR FORCE ONE, ON BOARD MARINE ONE and GEORGE W. BUSH: THE 9/11 INTERVIEW – became 3 of the highest-rated shows for the Channel
  • Director, Producer & DP for the Prime-Time Emmy nominated feature doc, ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN REVISITED, with executive producer Robert Redford
  • And about 80 other docs, all of which he is very proud..