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Blue-Collar Dogs

Sometimes the best man for the job…is a dog.

They detect cancer, track smugglers on our borders, rescue victims of disaster and take a bite out of crime.  BLUE-COLLAR DOGS is the new series for Nat Geo WILD that follows highly-trained, charismatic canines on the frontlines.

From pint-sized Poppy, the hypo-alert dog, to assistance dogs for the disabled, CANINE MD reveals the extraordinary new ways working dogs are expanding the human-canine relationship.  BORDER HOUNDS goes on the job with the canines of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol as they hunt smugglers in the deserts and ports of entry along the country’s southern border.  NEW YORK POLICE goes behind-the-scenes with the canine officers of the NYPD. From the bomb squad to catching criminals to urban search and rescue…this is one of the toughest gigs in town, which is why the best man for the job…is a dog.

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Series Producer
Doug Shultz
Producers / Writers
Doug Shultz
Andy Seestedt
Micah Fink
Brett Young
Mark Fason
Erika Sutter
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson

Associate Producers
Adina Pliskin
Tristan Walker
Peter Schnall
Sam Montague
Jerry Risius
Phillip Powell
Bob Hanna
Tom Pakulski
Rino Romano
Additional Music
Gary Pozner
Assistant Editor
Dashiell Eckman
Production Assistants
James Burke
Bilal Sami
Production Intern
Maartje Wegdam
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall

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Executive Producer
Ashley Hoppin
Sr. Vice-President, Development
Janet Han Vissering
Executive in Charge of Production
Geoff Daniels
PEOPLE Pets, February 18, 2011
"They work hard, but not for the money. They're loyal, but they can't speak. They're dogs, and they all have careers special enough to be featured in Nat Geo Wild's three-hour event, Blue-Collar Dogs, which airs Monday.."