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CIA Confidential

This is no James Bond story.

This EMMY AWARD-winning two-hour special brings to life the CIA’s infiltration of Afghanistan and Pakistan as they hunt for the perpetrators of September 11th.

Just days after the horrific attacks of 9/11, a team of seven CIA agents snuck into northern Afghanistan and began to lay the groundwork for war. Dubbed operation “Jawbreaker,” their goal was to take out al Qaeda, find Osama bin Laden and kill him. THE HUNT FOR BIN LADEN follows the story of this dangerous covert mission from the point of view of the CIA officers and top-secret Delta Force operators on the team.  PAKISTAN UNDERCOVER goes inside one of the most perilous battlegrounds of the new war: Pakistan. Join a 14-point strike to capture alleged al Qaeda logistician Abu Zubaydah and follow the CIA’s multi-national effort to capture alleged al Qaeda terror-broker Rashid Rauf before he can unleash a massive attack on US airliners.


Directed by
Doug Shultz
Writers / Producers
Doug Shultz
Andy Seestedt
Mark Fason
Brett Young
Peter Schnall
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson

Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Associate Producers
William Kerr
Andréa Borrero
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Location Manager, Morocco
Fouad Challa
Production Design, Morocco
Boujemaa Rassourance
Assistant Editor
Dashiell Eckman
Assistant Camera
Ruben Pacheco
Story Research
Hilary Sio
William Kerr
Sound Design & Mix
Jacques Boulanger
Blerti Murataj
Production Assistant
Merrel Davis
Erik Thompson
Special Thanks
Dreamaker Productions
Major John Elolf / Shaw Air Force Base
U.S. Armed Forces Combat Camera

—For National Geographic Channels—
Executive Producer
Howard Swartz
Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Cascio
Executive in Charge of Production
Steve Burns
2009 News & Documentary EMMY AWARD
Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Lighting Direction and Scenic Design