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CounterTerror NYC

The biggest city. The biggest events. The biggest target.

New York City is the world’s number one terror target, and the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau is on the front lines. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the chiefs, detectives, and officers in the trenches invite us on the inside for an unprecedented look at how they secure the nation’s largest city.

Roll out with nearly every specialized unit in the city…from the Hercules teams – ‘supercops’ clad in body armor and armed with 9-mm submachine guns – to the TORCH team, the heavy weapons strike force patrolling the stations and trains of the subway system.  Zip through the harbor on a top secret radiation-detection boat and dive with the Scuba Team for an underwater bomb sweep.  COUNTERTERROR NYC takes you inside the NYPD’s herculean mission to keep New York City safe.

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Director / Producer
Peter Schnall
Producers / Writers
Aaron Matthews
Andrew Seestedt
William Kerr
Mark Fason
Brett Young
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Associate Producer
Tristan Walker
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Peter Schnall
Jerry Risius
Bob Hannah
Rueben Pacheco
Ed David
Audio Network
Additional Music
Gary Pozner
Sound Recordists
Andrew Baker
John Murphy
Rick Lombardo
Assistant Editor
Dashiell Eckman
Sound Design & Mix
Brian Beatrice
Color Correction
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Anthony Rhoads
Additional Camera
Andrew Seestedt
Production Assistants
James Burke
Kyle Giddens
Bilal Sami
Special Thanks
New York City Police Department
Commissioner Raymond Kelly
Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne
Sgt. Joe Gallagher
Mike Debonis

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Executive Producer
Allan Butler
Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Cascio
Production Manager
Johnita “Jaye” Moran
Unit Manager
Krystal Stevens
Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Cascio
Production Manager
Johnita “Jaye” Moran
Unit Manager
Krystal Stevens
S&P Research
Mark Levenstein
Kevin Connell
Production Coordinator
Marion Ashley Said
Executive in Charge of Production
Steve Burns
New York Times, January 28, 2011
“Counterterror NYC” shows how the N.Y.P.D. tries to keep the city safe and should appeal to any New Yorker interested in the department’s tactics, gadgets and surveillance techniques."