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Crime Scene Cleanup

What happens at the scene of a murder after the police have left?

A bloody murder… A suicide… A long-undiscovered natural death…

After the cops and coroner have gone, what happens next? Who cleans up after death? Ride the streets of New York with the specialists who take on a job most people never think about, and when they do, usually wish they hadn’t. Learn what led up to the tragedies, and examine the hard science behind the job of cleaning up what nobody wants to face the aftermath of death.

Produced and Directed by
Tom Donohue
Connie Rinehart
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Coordinating Producer
Denise Williams
Edited by
Abehjha Kibuuka
Supervising Producer
Hillary Sio
Associate Producer
Jay Alipit
Director of Photography
Tom Donohue
For Discovery Communications
Executive Producer
Suzy Geller
Executive Assistant
Kathy Hunkle
Production Manager
Sarah Hume
Production Assistant
Torrae Lawrence