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Not just a girl’s best friend.

Experience the spellbinding allure and timelessness of Earth’s most valued and mysterious stone. It began thousands of millions of years ago, 100 miles beneath the surface of our planet. In a perfect storm of geologic fury, billions of tons of the carbon rock we know as ordinary coal were transformed by heat and pressure into the hardest, most brilliant and most coveted substance on Earth: diamonds.

Journey into the world of diamonds and begin a treasure hunt that will delve into the planet-forming processes of the past and bring you to the edge of the future – where the full power locked inside this remarkable crystal may quite possibly change the way we live.

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Narrated by
Stockard Channing
Produced by
Hilary Sio
Peter Schnall
Directed by
Peter Schnall
Written by
Janet Hess
Lise Zumwalt
Coordinating Producer
Denise Williams
Associate Producer
Tammie Rhee
Filmed by
Peter Schnall
Original Music by
Lenny Williams
Hilary Sio
Tammie Rhee
Additional Camera
Terry Hopkins
Jerry Risius
Sound Recordists
Glen Marullo
Andrew Yarme
Wally Plummer
Glenn Martin
Ian Sands
Phil Arnold
Bob Tuccillo
Assistant Camera
Jerry Risius
Nick Jardine
Sam Ketay
Carlo Muzi
Rick Gioia
Production Assistants
Jessica Applebaum
Guy Norbury
Leonora Nye
Christina Delgado
Thilo Grimm
Innis Lawrence
Julie Cracco
Michelle Marsala
Post Production Supervisors
Hannah Koltuv
Elana Bluestine
Assistant Editors
Greg Siroda
Thomas Brown
Film Lab
Commonwealth Films
Post Production Facility
Henninger Capitol
On-Line Editor
Jef Huey
Dave Markun
Post Production Sound
National Sound
Sound Mixer
Ed Campbell
Sound Design
Christopher Fina
Graphics And Special Effects
Marc Chelnik - Shadow Light Productions
Kevin Prowse
Motion Control Camera
Ralph Pitre, Creative Group
Legal Services
Ken Weinrib
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo P.C.
Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
Special Thanks
Argyle Diamonds
David Fardon - Manager - Sales And Marketing
Stephanie Stonier - Executive Assistant
Robyn Sermon - Public Relations
Marty Hurwitz - MVI Marketing
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Liz Lynch - Marketing Director - USA And Canada
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