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Diamonds of War

Beautiful stones. Ugly business.

Diamonds stand for timeless elegance, and often, love and commitment. But they also can represent ruined and lost lives on the other side of the world.

Diamonds of war are the precious stones rebel and terrorist movements use to finance their activities.  Go behind the curtain with PARTISAN PICTURES and journalist Dominic Cunningham-Reid as we track the dangerous trail of a diamond…from its discovery in central Africa, to the gem markets of Antwerp, and finally to customers in New York City, where distant war is the last thing on consumers’ minds.

Produced by
Peter Schnall
Dominic Cunningham-Reid
Abehjha Kibuuka
Executive Producer
Michael Rosenfeld
Dominic Cunningham-Reid
Field Producers
Caroline Suh
Jay Weiss
Brain Green
Peter Schnall
Coordinating Producers
Elana Bluestine
Denise Williams
Original Music by
Richard Fiocca
Production Manager
Sharon Parbs
Production Coordinator
Glenn Reimer
Production Assistants
Jessica Applebaum
Andrew Hanna
Victoria Campbell
Sound Recordists
Tracy Barry
Glen Marullo
Dimitry De Cock
Mohamed Cambasamsourie
Shiraz Sidhva
Gis De Cremer
Michael Lentz
Sound Design & Mix
Dave Hurley
Lauren Meschter
Assistant Editors
Dasaw Floyd
Sarah Bridges
Greg Sirota
Assistant Editors
Greg Siroda
Thomas Brown
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Commonwealth Films
Post Production Facility
Henninger Capitol
On-Line Editor
Jef Huey
Dave Markun
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Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
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British Airways

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Ellen C. Stanley
Margaret Sidlosky
Alanna Zahn
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Chico Arnaldo-Guizar
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LeAnne Danielson
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Catherine Yelloz
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