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Ghosts of the Baltic Sea

An expedition to make peace with the past.

Three evacuation ships … three wartime tragedies … 20,000 lost lives.

For those who believe the sinking of the Titanic was the greatest maritime disaster in history … think again. GHOSTS OF THE BALTIC SEA documents how three German evacuation ships were torpedoed by Soviet submarines during the final stages of World War II, recounting the emotional stories of these ships through survivors of the disasters. Dr. Robert Ballard, the marine scientist who discovered the Titanic, joins the survivors on an expedition, using remote cameras to travel to the bottom of the cold, dark Baltic Sea to bring their chilling stories to light.

Producer and Writer
Jon Goodman
Rob Kuhns
Dena Mermelstein
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Barbara Earle Ballard
Bob Ballard
Peter Davidson
Supervising Producer
Hilary Sio
Field Producer
Erica Sashin
Cornelia Schnall
Lise Zumwalt
Coordinating Producer
Tina Ver
Original Music by
Richard Fiocca
Alan Coates
Associate Producer
Frauke S. Levin
Jerry Risius
Assistant Camera
Witold Ozimek
Sound Recordist
Glen Marullo
Coordinator, Poland
Glenn Reimer
Online Editor
Blerti Murataj
Sound Mixer
Patrick Donahue
Animation Stand
Ralph Pitre
Crebive Group
Special Thanks
Ulrich Restemeyer & the crew of the Fritz Reuter
Aqua-Nautic, Germany
Modellbauwerft Descher, Germany
Amateur Underwater Search
Association, GDYNIA
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Elisabeth M. Ver

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Jennifer Apostol
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Sydney Suissa