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Inside Grand Central

An architectural feat is a city’s beating heart.

Step inside Grand Central Terminal…like you’ve never seen it before. This is the story of a living engineering feat, an iconic gem of a monument, and the ultimate symbol of power from the Golden Era of railroading.

A vibrant, vital relic that has survived and now thrives as the ultimate expression of the urban interface in the information age.  History, politics, architecture, engineering, fiscal clout and conniving, and the passage of countless individual lives, past and present, intersect in the story of this iconic building.   Inside Grand Central weaves these strands into a sweeping panorama—the story of a landmark’s birth, its rise and fall and rebirth against all odds, its secret histories and the extraordinary characters who over the century beat at the very heart, soul, and near-demise of this architectural Mecca.

Erica Sashin
Tom Emil
Jon Goodman
Erica Sashin
Jeff Gilbert
Executive Producer/Cinematographer
Peter Schnall
Joshua Kofmann
Original Music
Richard Fiocca
Graphic Design
Mechanism Digital/Brainstorm Technology
Coordinating Producers
Whitney Johnson
Tina Ver
Associate Editor
Brett Young
Additional Camera
Adam Feinstein
Jason Harvey
David Shadrick Smith
Sound Recordists
Anna Reike
Jonathan Jackson
Gabriel Cyr
Blerti Murataj
Sound Design
Jeff Gilbert
Sound Design and Re-Recording Mix
Patrick Donahue/PhotoMag
Sound Effects Editor
Jeff Rowe/Photomag
Final Post