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Inside the U.S. Secret Service

Could you put the President’s life before your own?

The team that took viewers behind the scenes aboard Air Force One reveals the high anxiety world of the Secret Service. Join the selfless men and women who put their lives on the line, everyday, to keep the President safe, as they lock-down an extremely public arena for a high-profile visit from America’s Commander in Chief.

Directed & Filmed By
Peter Schnall
Executive Producer
John Bredar
Erica Sashin
Peter Schnall
Lise Zumwalt
Supervising Producer
Hilary Sio
Steven Wechsler
Michelle Hodges
Associate Producers
Whiney Johnson
Justine Simonson
Coordinating Producer
Tine Ver
Richard Fiocca
John Benjamin Hickey
Additional Camera
Mark Moore
John Pope
Jerry Risius
Brett Wiley
Sound Recordists
Glen Marullo
Jeff Colon
Peter Thomas
Dennis Towns
William Morrow
Hans Vandenbold
Warren Byerly
Anna Reike
Production Assistants
Alexandra Meistrell
Catherine Shin
Katie Robbins
Joel Wasco
Jessica Applebaum
Assistant Editors
Scott Greenhaw
Jamie Courville
Isold Uggadottir
Christine Park
Katy Finch
Special Thanks
The Men and Women of the United States Secret Service
W. Ralph Basham, Director
George H. W. Bush
Office of the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton
John Kerry For President Campaign
Louisiana State University

—For National Geographic Channel—
Executive Producers
John Bowman
John B. Ford
Production Manager
Debbie London-Harrington
The Wall Street Journal
“These are two powerfully compelling hours..."
Christian Science Monitor
“A vigorous gripping as any action adventure."
The New York Times
“Inside the U.S. Secret Service offers high-adrenaline moments..."