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The Kennedy Mystique: Creating Camelot

They were the picture of perfection. But was it just a picture?

Over forty years ago one extraordinary American family moved into the most famous house in the world and changed the nature of the Presidency forever. With glamorous Hollywood good looks and two camera-friendly children, the Kennedys helped usher in a youth culture that affected every aspect of American life.

From behind closed doors in the White House to intimate family vacations, photography and television took the American public behind the scenes of its most regal. Photography went from a medium that documented to a medium that sold – sold magazines and myths alike. For a country gripped with a fear of Communism and on the verge of a race war, the perfectly eye-pleasing Kennedys comforted America while exciting and inspiring Europe and beyond.


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The New York Times
"Imbued with youthful energy and blessed with the kind of photogenic good looks that endeared them to millions, the youth culture that followed in the wake of the Kennedys helped usher in a new era of change and hope. In time, though, the nation would learn that all was not well beneath the glossy surface of these picturesque images, and in this release filmmakers attempt to shine an illuminating light on the real-life trials of the family who changed the face of a nation. "