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Napoleon’s Final Battle

The Emperor strikes back.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the “Corsican Ogre”, ruled over the largest empire Europe had seen since ancient Rome. Then it was torn apart, and the tyrant Emperor was sent into exile on a speck of rock in the Mediterranean. But not for long.

Witness the greatest comeback in the history of the world, as the Emperor strikes back, breaking free of his island prison, reclaiming France, and taking on the entire continent of Europe in his last battle for survival…Waterloo.


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Directed by
Doug Shultz
Doug Shultz
Sandya Viswanathan
Doug Shultz
Don Campbell
Mark Fason
Molly Mckinley
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Director of Photography
Gabriel Kosuth
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Additional Cinematography
Peter Schnall
Antoine Heberle
Richard Ganniclifft
David Shadrack Smith
Orginal Music
Gary Pozner
Animated Maps
Phlesch Bubble Productions, Inc.
Assistant Director
Gabriela Petre
Greg Stebner
Coordinating Producers
Whitney Johnson
Tina Ver
Assistant Editor
Alex Meistrell
Gary Vandenbergh
Assistant Camera
Ash Morgan
Additional Music
Seth Stachowksi
Jin Soo Kim
Chang-Wook Gil
Sound Recordists
Dale Whitman
Francois Devin
Production Manager
Catalin Neagu
Domino Films, Romania
Xavier Roy
Froggie Production, France
David Schein
Joseph Terranella
Lindsay Wile
Vasile Muraru – Napoleon Bonaparte
Philippe Nevo – Young Napoleon
Dorin Andone - Talleyrand
Cristi Popa – Lucien Bonaparte
Silviu Oltean – Tsar Alexander
Andrei Araditz - Wellington
Legal Services
Kenneth Weinrib
Matthew Lefferts
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassalo P.C.
Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
Office Coordinator
Jess Applebaum
Special Thanks
Cristian Comeaga, Domino Films
Maria Miu, Miyoko
Square Sail Shipyard
Château De Fontainebleau
Château De Malmaison
Le Petite Malmaison
Dernier Quartier Général De Napoléon
Peoject Austerlitz 2005

—For National Geographic Channel—
Supervising Producer
Allan Meyers
Executive Producer
John Bowman
Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Cascio
Executive in Charge of Production
John B. Ford