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Rebuilding New Orleans

A beloved city fights for survival.

NEW ORLEANS: CITY ON THE EDGE chronicles life in New Orleans as it unfolds after Hurricane Katrina, following the struggles of ordinary people determined to go on, even when all signs point to giving up.

Evoking the rhythms of a battered metropolis robbed of much of its infrastructure and most of its residents, NEW ORLEANS: CITY ON THE EDGE brings the Crescent City back into focus, and discovers a people fighting to rebuild, but still looking for answers.

Directed by
Tom Donohue
Connie Rinehart
Written by
Michael Dolan
Tom Donohue
Connie Rinehart
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Jon Goodman
Tom Donohue
Connie Rinehart
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Associate Producer
Jessie Vogelson
Director of Photography
Tom Donohue
Original Music
Chris Biondo
Lenny Williams
Additional Cinematography
Chad Shaw