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NYPD: Life on the Streets

When your beat is the New York streets.

Ride shotgun on a gripping one-hour journey into the lives of patrol officers and detectives at the 9th Precinct in the East Village, New York City.

Tracey Barry
Amanda Mcbaine
Tracey Barry
Hilary Sio
Abehjha Kibuuka
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Coordinating Producer
Elana Bluestine
Peter Schnall
Jerry Risius
Amanda Mcbaine
Mark Peterson
Dominic Cunningham-Reid
Tony Hardmon
Sound Recordist
Tracey Barry
Music Composed By
Lenny Williams
Associate Editor
Seith Mann
Assistant Editors
Dan Davis
Dasaw Floyd
Production Associate
Abe Forman-Greenwald
Production Assistants
Andrew Hanna
Jessica Applebaum
Production Intern
Ken Yapelli
Sound Design And Mix
Pat Donohue, Caterini Studios
Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
Legal Services
Jason Baruch
Neil Rosini
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vasallo, P.C.
Footage Sources
NYPD: Operation Pressure Point
Special Thanks To
Detective Walter Burns, DCPI
Commissioner Michael OÕlooney
NYPD, 9th Precinct
Deputy Inspector Kevin Ward
Detective Jamie Hernandez
Berberian Family
Cheng Family

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Production Coordinator
Adrienne Haitz
Talent Relations
Todd Miller
Production Manager
Sarah Hume
Executive Producer
Judy Plavnick