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Sea Spies

Underwater, the ultimate weapon is sound.

The undersea world is an unseen battleground. Join Dr. Robert Ballard as he reveals how technology, commerce and conflict have shaped 150 years of endless struggle for supremacy of the seas — not on the surface but at the very bottom of the ocean.


Tom Jennings
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Peter Davidson
Supervising Producer
Hilary Sio
Rachel Kittner
Associate Producer
Glenn C. Reimer
Coordinating Producer
Tina Vér
Robert Ballard
Music Composed By
Gary Pozner
Brett Wiley
Mark Petersson
Slawomir Gruenberg
Steve Foote
Brian Dowley
Joseph Vitagliano
Sound Recordists
Bob Sullivan
Judith Karp
Erika Street
John H. Cameron
David Keene
George Shafnacker
Archival Researcher
Renee A. Fischer
Shaka Brookes
Assistant Editor
Erik Zimmerman
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Isold Uggadottir
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Ralph Pitre
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Brian Minahan
Special Thanks:
Peter A. Huchthausen
Norman Polmar
Dr. Owen R. Cote Jr
Robert Waring Herrick
Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.
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