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Quest for King Arthur

Was he a legendary warrior…or just a legend?

Revel in a cinematic recreation of the legendary world of King Arthur from the team that brought to life RUSSIA Land of the Tsars. Sift through the sands of time to seek the truth — if any — behind myths that shaped medieval culture and gave birth to the modern ideals of nationhood, leadership, service, sacrifice and romantic love.

Written and Directed by
Don Campbell
Doug Shultz
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Edited by
Mark Fason
Molly McKinley
Assistant Editor
Isold Uggadottir
On-Line Editor
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Coordinating Producer
Tina Vér
David South
Nick Jardine
Peter Schnall
Dominic DeSantis
Mead Hunt
Sound Recordists
Anna Reike
J.T. Takagi
Keith Branch
Keith Rodgerson
Production Associates
Frederick Vernet
Georgina Crawford
Patrick Stewart
Original Music Composed and Conducted by
Gary Pozner
Whirled Music
Production Design
Chris Lawrence/O&S Inc
Sound Design & Mix
Caterini Studios,
Joe Caterini
Patrick Donahue
Map Design
Phlesh Bubble Productions, Inc.
Gary Pozner
Arturo Rodriguez
Archival Research & Post Production
Isold Uggadottir