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Russia, Land of the Tsars

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Its forests stretch from Europe to the Pacific. Its winters have vanquished the mightiest armies ever mustered. Its people have borne the excesses of some of history’s most notorious rulers. This EMMY-AWARD-winning four-hour series illuminates the imperial past of the world’s largest nation in sumptuous detail.

At the heart of this epic tale are the figures whose names have become legend: Ivan the Terrible, who expanded the empire at the rate of 50 miles–and innumerable lives–a day; Peter the Great, whose sweeping reforms westernized the nation; and Catherine the Great, whose rule was marked by conquest, change and controversy. Filmed on location throughout Russia, enriched by exclusive visits to important sites and museums, and filled with commentary from renowned scholars, this is a kaleidoscopic, captivating portrait of a land that has endured centuries of despair and rebellion, innovation and conflict.

Writer / Producer
Don Campbell
Doug Shultz
Denise Williams
Edward Herrmann
Mark Fason
Rob Kuhns
Andrei Zhigalov
Peter Schnall
Supervising Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Coordinating Producer
Elana Bluestine
Russian Production
Predworld Entertainment
Original Music
Composed & Conducted By Gary Pozner
Concert Master
Alex Carlson
Piano Concerto
By Lev Abeliovich
Performed by
The Osu Symphony Orchestra, Corvallis Oregon
Musical Director: Marlan Carlson
Pianist: Alexander Tutunov
Courtesy Of Altarus Records Inc.
Props & Sets, U.S.
Chris Lawrence
O&S, Inc.
Production Coordinator
Justine Simonson
Production Associates
Glenn Reimer
Frederic Vernet
Andy Hanna
Assistant Editor
Dan Davis
On-line Editor
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Sound Recordists
Anna Rieke
Mark Mandler
Mark Roy
Lee Edwards
Jonathan Jackson
Additional Cinematography
Tomasz Magierski
John Howarth
Jeff Baker
Location PAs
Natasha Doroshenko
Bogdan Almazov
Archival Research
Sheila Maniar
Map Design
Paul Ranson
Sound Design & Mix
Joe Caterini
Caterini Studios
Historical Consultants
Marilyn Sweezey
Lawrence Langer
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Head of Story Development
Hilary Sio

—For the History Channel—
Executive Producer
Beth Dietrich-Segarra
New York Times, May 26, 2003
"the History Channel's four-hour look at the Russian monarchy is one of those rare documentaries that reach the highest level of television entertainment..."
Christian Science Monitor
"Possibly the best work on TV this week is this lavish and beautifully written documentary about the enslavement of an entire country's lower classes by the iron hand of the tsars...as engaging as it is beautiful."
2003 News & Documentary EMMY AWARD
Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Best Writing
2003 News & Documentary EMMY AWARD nomination
Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Best Music and Sound Design