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Schizophrenia: Stolen Minds, Stolen Lives

What do you do when the forgetting starts?

A shattering vision of the world of schizophrenia–through the lives and testimonies of people struggling to cope with this frighteningly complex and painfully misunderstood psychological disease. A co-production with French-based VM Productions.

Produced & Directed by
Leslie Wiener
Peter Schnall
Don Campbell
Leslie Wiener
Lise Zumwalt
Coordinating Producer
Denise Williams
Associate Producer
Tammie Rhee
Production Manager in France
Astrid Serafini
Peter Schnall
Sound Recordists
Glen Marullo
Brenda Ray
Tracey Barry
Ian Sands
Yves Comeliau
Music Composed and Conducted by
Herve LeGrand
Assistant Editor
Thomas Brown
Assistant Camera in United States
Sam Ketay
Toni Rossi
Nick Jardine
Jean-Paul Vallorani
Finona McLaughlin
Production Assistants
Adrienne Giroux
Sandra Dalle
Thilo Grimm
Innis Lawrence
Guillaume Turpin
Julie Cracco