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Secret Access: Air Force One

Board the “Flying White House” on a presidential journey to Africa.

Buckle your seatbelt in the cockpit of the president’s plane and ride along on a presidential journey from Washington DC across central Africa.

PARTISAN PICTURES receives top clearance and gives viewers a never-before-seen view of what goes into an eight day international voyage. On board, get a guided tour of the presidential accommodations…from the president, himself. At each of his six stops, special measures are taken, weeks in advance of Air Force One’s arrival. Each airport must be upgraded to meet safety specifications. Armored limousines and helicopters, trucks and even fuel for the aircraft are all flown in from abroad. Secret Service marksmen stand at the ready at each engagement. Even the plane’s fuel is tested and locked down. Every stop must be a “zero-fail” operation…when the President’s life is at stake, failure is not an option.

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Producer / Director / Cinematographer
Peter Schnall
Doug Shultz
Brett Young
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Sound Recordists
John Murphy
Ken Geraghty
Additional Camera
Richard Kruger
Erich Roland
William Kerr
Assistant Editor
Bo Mehrad
Location Managers
David Sevuri, True Vision Productions, Tanzania
Teddy Sabuti, T.S. Productions, Ghana
Additional Music
Jin Soo Jim
Chang Wook-Gil
Sound Design & Mix
Jacques Boulanger, Creative Audio Post
Online Editor
Craig Rinkerman
Color Correction & Animation
Blerti Murataj
Production Accountant
Rebecca Cohen
Legal Services
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassalo P.C.
Air Force Liaison
MAJ. Carolyn McPartlin SAF/PAC
Special Thanks
Colonel Mark Tillman
The 89th Airlift Wing, US Air Force
R. ADM. Taymond A. Spicer
White House Military Office
Eric Draper, White House Photo Office
For History
Programming Coordinator
Adam Rosante
Executive Producer
Charles Nordlander
Celluloid Film Review
"Secret Access: Air Force One" is a very interesting documentary on the famous presidential plane, which is a modified Boeing 747 jumbo jet. It revealed just how much work goes into maintaining the aircraft and the daily duties of the hardworking, pleasant crew and staff. The documentary was well done and very engaging. The only sad part is it stars George W. Bush. "