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Secret Service Files

The President’s life isn’t all that’s at stake…

This unprecedented four-hour series presents an adrenaline-charged, immersive view of an agency that operates “below the radar” across the United States and overseas, featuring footage filmed in never-before-seen locations.

Welcome to the Secret Service…

In BATTLEFRONT COLOMBIA, undercover agents from the service’s International Unit follow the trail of a pair of suspected counterfeiters to rural Colombia, the epicenter of high-quality counterfeit.

UNITED NATIONS LOCKDOWN takes you inside “the bubble” when the US Secret Service locks down Manhattan to protect President Obama and 130 world leaders during the largest security event on earth: the United Nations General Assembly.

UNDERCOVER MIAMI follows agents at one of the Secret Service’s busiest field offices. Whether it’s tracking down counterfeit, flipping suspects, going undercover for a bust, or protecting the President and foreign heads of state, here in Miami it’s all in a day’s work

FRONTLINE NEW YORK CITY follows agents of the New York Field Office, where the job is as big as the city itself. See what it takes to stamp out counterfeit, flush out hackers, and protect the President and visiting dignitaries in the town that never slows down.


Peter Schnall
Producers and Writers
Doug Shultz
Don Campbell
Andrew Seestedt
Mark Fason
Brett Young
Associate Producer
William Kerr
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Peter Schnall
Sound Recordists
Jose Jaramillo
Glenn Marullo
John Hatcher
Jim Gilchrist
Andrew Baker
Dale Whitman
Production Assistant
Tristan Walker
Assistant Editor
Dashiell Eckman
Location Fixer
Amira Abultaif
Additional Camera
Jerry Risius
Ricardo Restrepo Hernandez
William Kerr
Dashiell Eckman
Associate Producer
William Kerr
James Burke
William Kerr
Tristan Walker
Stock Footage Research
William Kerr
Tristan Walker
Sound Design & Mix
Brian Beatrice
Online Editor
Craig Rinkerman
Color Correction
Bjorn Bellenbaum
Erik Thompson
Special Thanks
United States Secret Service
Malcolm Wiley, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, US Secret Service
Megan Moloney, Office of Government and Public Affairs, US Secret Service
Marcia Brown, Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge, US Secret Service
US Department of Homeland Security
US Customs and Border Protection
The Miami International Airport
Latin Cafe 2000
Zaytoons Restaurant
Nassau County Police Department

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Executive Producer
Richard J. Wells
Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Cascio
Production Manager
Johnita "Jaye" Moran
Unit Manager
Krystal Stevens
S&P Research
Mark Levenstein
Production Coordinator
Marion Ashley Said
Executive in Charge of Production
Steve Burns
Desert News, February 18, 2011
"The four-part series is thorough in covering every aspect of the Secret Service. Perhaps the most interesting part of the series is the coverage of actual sting operations. Seeing real people go into dangerous situations provides a thrill for the viewer that cannot be replicated on the big screen."