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Surviving Suicide: Those Left Behind

What happens to those left behind?

In two years, in the United States, more people commit suicide than were killed in the Vietnam war.

What happens to the loved ones left behind? When unable to escape feelings of guilt, they are nine times more likely to take their own lives. Judy and Paul Tunkle—who lost their daughter, Lea, at the age of 22—have worked tirelessly to change that. This program highlights their efforts, as well as the labors of many survivors, to provide assistance to those left in suicide’s wake. Along the way, the Tunkles reflect on their daughter’s life, and other survivors share their experiences of loss and hope.

Produced, Edited & Written By
Connie Rinehart
Tom Donohue
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Hilary Sio
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Peter Schnall
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Mariette Hartley
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The Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center
Out Of The Darkness March Sponsored By
The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention
Special Thanks To
All those who shared the pain of their loss
and for being the installation of hope during the making of this film

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Bill Cosmas
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Sarah Hume
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Adrienne Haitz