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The French Revolution

The Revolution will be televised!

Step into the tumultuous world of 18th century France and meet the characters whose fates will collide and forever change the course of history…

Louis XVI, the weak-willed King; his reviled wife Marie Antoinette; the bloodthirsty journalist, Jean-Paul Marat; and the man who would ultimately be consumed by the fires of his own revolution: Maximilien Robespierre. Shot on location in France and Romania, this sumptuous, two-hour film takes viewers from the gilded courts of Versailles to the chaotic streets of Paris where, in the shadow of the guillotine, a new republic will be born in blood – the blood of THE FRENCH REVOLUTION.

Produced and Directed by
Doug Shultz
Written by
Doug Shultz
Hilary Sio
Thomas Emil
Sandya Viswanathan
Alex Sterian
Peter Schnall

Mark Fason
Molly McKinley
Mako Kamitsuna
Original Music
Gary Pozner, Whirled Music
Supervising Producer
Hilary Sio
Coordinating Producers
Tina Ver
Whitney Johnson
Edward Hermann
Archival Research
Georgina Crawford
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Location Manager
Christian Comeaga, Domino Films, Romania
Sandrine Dumas, Froggie Productions, France

—For the History Channel—
Executive Producer
Beth Dietrich-Segarra
Genre Online, January, 2005
"This is undoubtedly must-see thinking person’s TV."
The New York Times, January 17, 2005
"A well-done overview of what a talking-head expert calls 'the most important event in Western history.' This is an intelligent production, enlivened by little human dramas like the king and queen's near-escape from France in 1791, disguised as servants."
Telly Award, 2006
Bronze Winner