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The Loneliest Animals

What if you were the last of your kind on Earth?

Earth is facing an extinction crisis. Animals are disappearing from the planet 1000 times faster than at any other time in history. What happens when the fate of an entire species in the hands of just a few last individuals?

THE LONELIEST ANIMALS follows the extraordinary efforts of dedicated scientists to breed these survivors and save what remains of the planet’s biodiversity….from the last two Yangtze giant softshell turtles on the planet, to resurrecting a whole species from the dead. Featuring interviews with preeminent scientists E.O. Wilson, Russell Mittermeier and others, THE LONELIEST ANIMALS reveals the extraordinary efforts of tireless biologists around the world to ensure a future for these incredible, charismatic creatures…before we lose them forever.  Filmed on location in China, Indonesia, Qatar, Panama, Ecuador, Spain and the United States.

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Written, Produced and Directed by
Doug Shultz
Brett Young
Director of Photography
Peter Schnall
Daniel Traub
Jerry Risius
Supervising Producer
Peter Schnall
Associate Producer
Andréa Borrero
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Production Assistant
William Kerr
Additional Cinematography
Neil Higginson
Julian Navarro
Stephen McCarthy
Erich Roland
Production Interns
Bonita Cutliff
Sara Kinney
Sejan Yun
Sound Recordists
Amir, Tamer El Demerdash, Fernando Caseres
Lee Frank, Paul Hellard, Don Mercz, José Joaquin Panchon
Len Schmitz, George Shafnacker, Hector Valdes
Yan Bo Wu, Aaron Webster
Location Managers
Jiaxi Chen, China
Novi Jenkins, Indonesia
Michael Moffett, Camino Media, Spain
Paola Toapanta, Urbano Films, Ecuador
Terri Thrush, Blue Morpho Media, Panama
Additional Crew
Ethan Johnson
Dian Suryansyah
Assistant Editors
Bo Mehrad
Dashiell Eckman
Sound Design
Brian Beatrice
Sound Mix
Ed Campbell
Color Correction
Stewart Griffin
Production Accountant
Rebecca Cohen
For Nature
Series Editor
Janet Hess
Series Producer
Bill Murphy
Executive Producer
Fred Kaufman
32nd International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula
Winner, Best Conservation Film
32nd International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula
Merit Award Winner for Educational Value
2009 Telly Awards
Bronze winner, Nature & Wildlife
Doug's Mom
"I really loved it."