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The Madness of Henry VIII

Lust.  Seduction.  Obsession.  Betrayal. You could lose your head.

King Henry VIII of England had it all: colossal wealth, good looks, a devoted wife, and the backing of the most powerful man on Earth — the Pope.

But Henry risked it all… turning his back on the church and betraying his Queen…all for the favors of the young Anne Boleyn. He pursued her with a vengeance, destroying his marriage, outraging his subjects, and revealing a penchant for violence and brutality. Experience the affair that spawned Henry’s degeneration from pious poster-boy for absolute monarchy to an obese, serial wife-killer — and a grotesque caricature of the evils of unchecked power and egotism.

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Directed by
Doug Shultz
Doug Shultz
Sandya Viswanathan
Doug Shultz
Don Campbell
Mark Fason
Molly Mckinley
Executive Producer
Peter Schnall
Director of Photography
Gabriel Kosuth
Original Music
Gary Pozner
Additional Cinematography
Peter Schnall
David Shadrack Smith
Chip Nusbaum
Shana Hagan
Animated Maps
Phlesch Bubble Productions, Inc.
Assistant Director
Gabriela Petre
Greg Stebner
Coordinating Producers
Whitney Johnson
Tina Ver
Assistant Editor
Alex Meistrell
Blerti Murataj
Assistant Camera
Ash Morgan
Additional Music
Daniel Alcheh
Sound Recordists
Ryan Flynn
Glen Piegari
Production Manager
Catalin Neagu
Domino Films, Romania
David Schein
Joseph Terranella
Dan Astilean – Henry VIII
Georgeta Marin – Katherine of Aragon
Ioana Flora – Anne Boleyn
Gabi Rauta – Young Henry VIII
Alexandru Antemia - Wolsey
Alexandru Georgescu - Cromwell
Paul Gardescu – Mark Smeaton
Legal Services
Kenneth Weinrib
Matthew Lefferts
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassalo P.C.
Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
Office Coordinator
Jess Applebaum
Special Thanks
Cristian Comeaga, Domino Films
Maria Miu, Miyoko
Dale Hoak
Agecroft Hall
Rob Martin

—For National Geographic Channel—
Executive in Charge of Production
John B. Ford