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The Monitor’s Last Mission

A expedition to make history…by raising it.

The Monitor was the first ironclad warship commissioned for the Civil War. A striking design ushered in a new era of stealth in river warfare, but her heavy hull ran her aground in 1862.

Relive the grueling attempt by the U.S. Navy, NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) and the Mariners’ Museum to dive into hazardous waters, remove portions of the lost ship at 240′ and extricate the turret. U.S. Navy Commander Bobby Scholley and her trained divers take us beneath the surface of the Atlantic twenty miles off North Carolina to relive the legacy and death of the ship, and her re-birth as historical testament to innovation, bravery and duty.

Jonathan Grupper
Lise Zumwalt
Erica Sashin
Executive Producers
Peter Schnall
Hilary Sio
Lise Zumwalt
Jeff Gilbert
Coordinating Producer
Elana Bluestine
Field Producer
Jerry Risius
Associate Producer
Glenn C. Reimer
Music Composed By
Michael Whalen
Jerry Risius
Leighton Edmondson
John Howarth
Sound Recordists
Dave Roche
Mark Mandler
Lee Edwards
U.S. Navy Underwater Photography Team
Eric J. Tilford
Chadwick L. Vann
Jeffrey I. Lehrberg
Dusan Ilic
Assistant Editors
Adam Feinstein
Seith Mann
Scott Greenshaw
Production Assistants
Andrew Hanna
Ken Yapelli
Jessica Applebaum
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Ralph Pitre
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Adam Feinstein
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Mike F Burz
Mitch Suskin
David Markun
Henninger Capitol
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David Browning
Palace Studios NYC
Legal Services
Jason Baruch
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassalo P.C.
Production Accountant
Brian Minahan
Special Thanks
Phoenix International - Steve Saint-Amour
The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, VA
U.S. Navy
Manson Gulf
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK
Capt. Phillip Lee and the Crew of Delta Force

—For BBC—
Executive Producer
Philip Dolling