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Through a Dog’s Eyes

Experience the strength of the human-canine bond.

THROUGH A DOG’S EYES will change the way you feel about your own dog.  Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants, takes viewers into the world of raising and training assistance dogs. Experience the joys and frustration of the intense process of pairing up disabled people with dogs that will change their lives forever.

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Peter Schnall
Neil Patrick Harris
Don Campbell
Pamela Scott Arnold
Margaret McEvoy
Associate Producer
Andréa Borrero
Coordinating Producer
Whitney Johnson
Supervising Producer
Don Campbell
Peter Schnall
Additional Camera
Jerry Risius
Ben McCoy
Michael Pietrobon
Field Audio
Adam Jones
Lee Frank
Tom Hurxsthal
Tom Levy
Greg Linton
Sergio Sanmiguel
Original Music
Gary PoznerMichael Day
"Somnambulist" written by Smail Sails © 2006 (ASCAP).
Online Editor
Robert Hutchings
Assistant Editors
Dashiell Eckman
Bo Mehrad
Ezra Gold
Rick Ouellette
Scott Skaja
Sound Design
Mitch Griffin
Graphic Design
Denise M. S. Fick
Production Assistants
Adina Pliskin
James Burke
Production Intern
Sarah Hoida
Executive Producer
Naomi Smith Boak
Executive in Charge
Gerald Richman
Special Thanks
Jennifer Arnold
Gary Arnold
Kent Bruner
The Canine Assistants Team
The recipients from the November 2009
Canine Assistants camp
Ádám Miklósi, PhD
Video Helper
Anona Elementary School, Largo, FL
All Children's Specialty Care of Carillion
St. Petersburg, FL
Hampton Inn & Suites, Alpharetta, GA
North Point Mall, Alpharetta, GA
Quest to Walk, Kansas City, MO
Washington Post, April 21, 2010
"You may already love dogs. This show will make you love them more."
The Philadelphia Sun, April 16, 2010
""Through a Dog's Eyes" is an optimistic, buoyant documentary that follows the journey that a handful of recipients go through as they meet their new best friend—a Canine Assistants dog."
Bronze, Documentary