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Titanic Revealed

First came the tragedy. Now, come the treasure hunters.

In 1985 Bob Ballard made the greatest find in the history of marine archeology. Join Dr. Ballard as he returns to Titanic for the first time in 20 years. Learn the top-secret Cold War drama behind his triumph — and how the lost liner is again threatened with disaster, as the wreck becomes a target for callous, greedy treasure hunters.

Directors / Producers
Tracey Barry
Peter Schnall
Supervising Producer
Hilary Sio
Executive Producers
Robert Ballard
Barbara Earle Ballard
Peter Davidson
Peter Schnall
Tracey Barry

Jeff Gilbert
Coordinating Producer
Tina Vér
Glenn C. Reimer
Original Music
Gary Pozner / Whirled Music
Sound Recordists
Tracey Barry
Andrew Freiband
Tim Hopper
Peter Schnall
Jerry Risius
Scott Carrithers
José Casella
Wayne De La Roche
Tom Donohue
Adam Feinstein
Steven Foote
Brian Heller
Mead Hunt
Jonathan Nichols
Mark Petersson
Scott Sinkler
Underwater Cinematography
Robert Ballard
Special Thanks
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The Crew & Officers of R/V Ronald H Brown
Mystic Aquarium / Institute for Exploration
Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
Titanic: Ship of Dreams, Orlando, FL
Fox Baja Studios
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA
Full Sail Film Department, Orlando, FL
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

—For National Geographic Channel—
Supervising Producer
Ashley Hoppin
Vice President of Production
John Bowman
Executive in Charge of Production
John B. Ford